A Tidbit From My Next Book—-

As the first movie started, Indigo had no idea how she would fake it through the next several hours.  Thankfully, the first movie had a story line that did not always involve teeth, blood, or screams.  Indigo tried to relax and overcome her phobia, as the other girls’ eyes remained glued to the TV screen.  Indigo discreetly kept her eyes closed for the majority of the first movie, but the sounds were enough to ignite the terror in her thoughts.  Indigo opened her eyes long enough to catch the main character morphing excruciatingly into a werewolf.  She sat stunned and speechless as his bones cracked and his skin popped during the painful transformation.

The Least of These

The Least of These

The cabin had no running water, the family caught water in a large rain cistern just outside the back door.   The family used a propane stove to heat water for cooking and baths.  The little girl learned early to take her bath quickly, as the small inch of water in the old fashioned claw foot tub chilled quickly. 

The little girl had hand me down toys.  Her mother would gather leftover items for free from the garage sales around the small town they lived just outside of.   She cherished the simple things that others would simply throw away.

The little girl received one new pair of shoes per year, right before school began.  Momma generally purchased canvas tennis shoes and the little girl wore them proudly.  At the end of the school year,  momma cut the top canvas ends off the toes of her shoes, leaving the soles intact. 

She thought she had the best of both worlds, sandals that let her toes wiggle, but, soles to protect her soft feet.  The little girl wore them proudly, with no reason to feel ashamed that her momma could not afford “real” sandals.  She always felt like she had everything she needed.  Momma saw to that every day.

Momma came home from work one day, crying, about a month before Thanksgiving.  Momma tried not to show it and seemed even a bit more cheerful than usual.  Of course, the little girl knew her momma’s joy was forced.  The car blew out a tire on her momma’s way home from work. 

This close to Christmas, it would be impossible to replace the tire and buy Christmas presents.

The next day, momma took the demolished tire off her haggard car.  The little girl watched as her momma tirelessly worked, huffing and puffing, to loosen the lug nuts to remove the wheel.  After she was finished, she came inside to wash the road soot off her cold hands.  The little girl watched as her momma solemnly counted out the bills she needed.  The little girl skipped over to her momma to embrace her in the biggest hug her slender arms could give.

Momma went into town with a friend to purchase a new tire.  The little girl stayed at home with strict instructions from her momma not to open the door for anyone.  The little girl felt safe and peaceful at their home.

Not too long after her momma left, a soft knock at the door startled the little girl.  The little girl remembered what her momma told her, and warily peeked through a front window curtain to see who could be calling. 

The little girl saw an unfamiliar woman  standing on the porch with bright yellow leaves collecting around her feet. As the cold wind billowed her skirt, the little girl noticed she was shivering.  She was not wearing a jacket.  The little girl only thought for a moment before she opened the door.  The lady was startled to see the little girl standing in the threshold, holding a hideous, bald doll.  The lady simply smiled.

“Would your momma be home now?”  the lady inquired of the little girl.  The little girl knew enough not to let strangers know she was home alone.  However, her hesitation answered the question for the lady.  “No…”, the girl stammered.  “Well, I found this purse at the end of the road by your driveway, would you know if it belongs to your momma?” the lady kindly asked. 

The little girl gingerly accepted the purse from the lady and looked through it.  All she saw were several bills of money.  She knew immediately it was not her mommas, because she had never seen it before, just as she had never seen that much money before.  Sadly, she returned the purse to the lady and slowly shook her head no.  She knew it was the right thing to do. 

The lady accepted the purse back from the solemn little girl and knew what a difficult decision it must have been for her to tell the truth.  From the looks of the cabin, the girls’ clothing, and her haggard doll, the little girl had not known much luxury or privilege in her short lifetime.  The lady did not want to embarrass the little girl any longer, so, she thanked her, said her goodbyes and turned to leave.

The little girl did not tell her momma about the events of the afternoon.  Her momma returned home looking relieved and sad at the same time.  They sat together and talked and giggled softly while sharing cocoa by the woodstove.  “This is better than money,” the little girl mused. 

The next morning, the momma and little girl got ready for church.  As they were readying to leave, momma looked out the window for a check of the weather.  Her momma’s eyes opened wide in disbelief and she ran to the door and flung it open wide. 

The little girl and her momma noticed a pile of gifts on the front porch, the note simply read, “Merry Christmas to a beautiful little girl.  Please accept these gifts with my gratitude for making me believe in the good of the world once again.”  No signature accompanied the note.  Momma turned to the little girl, puzzled by the entire situation.  The little girl filled her momma in about the visit from the lady the afternoon before.   

Momma smiled with pride and hugged her young daughter in gratitude, as she too also believed in the good of the world once again. 


Etsy means horny in Japanese .

Tuesday flash fifty

My hands grip the steering wheel, my head in an invisible vice. Beads of sweat form on my upper lip and i grit my teeth. This Is the longest thirty miles of my life! jaywalker don’t do it. Ill hit you this close to getting out of this auto prison.

Left Of Center 1

Left of center It happens in a flash, within seconds lives are forever changed.  How many times have we gone left of center in our lives and negatively affected someone else?  I try to teach my children the affect their words have on people.  When we speak without thinking, we unleash verbal dragons that can bring someone down in flames.  Death does not always occur physically. Do not be a fellow man’s demise by your insensitivity.  These days, we have all become a bit too arrogant in embracing our right to-

  • Say what I want!
  • Be entitled to my whims!
  • Make you accept my way of thinking!
  • Agree with me!
  • Treat people however I please!
  • Fail to care about consequences!
Wow, how sad is all of this? We get angry when our children speak their minds, but have we not raised them?  We are responsible for the personalities we mold.  How about we learn how to rein them in?  It’s never too late. Children grow up to be adults making the same types of choices. I recently read an article about a celebrity who has a list of do’s and don’ts for the venues she performs, hotels she stays, etc.  I was so appalled; it almost made me want to stop listening to her music.  Then, once I researched the topic a bit more, I discovered if I boycott every self-indulged celebrity, I might not have anyone to watch!  Sheesh!
  • New toilet seats installed in hotel rooms just for them
  • Mineral water to bathe in
  • Rose petals in the toilet (really?!)
  • Dark curtains on windowed rooms to keep anyone from seeing in
  • Certain types of flower arrangements
  • The list is endless and appallingly ridiculous
These same celebs are who are children are looking up to.  Teenage stars jetting off to exotic locations on vacations with boyfriend/girlfriend.  Really?!  Feeling each other up in skimpy clothing for the paparazzi to take photos?  Yes, that’s what I want MY kids to see and emulate. Where are our values?  Locked away in a time capsule for the 50’s?  I’d almost rather go back to “Leave it to Beaver”, shoot, even in later years, Mister Rogers got it right in his ‘hood.  I regret thinking either of these to be “dorky”; I miss those days more than I ever thought I would.  When we take action without thinking or by thinking selfishly, we should brace for fatal results. It’s my RIGHT to-
  • Ride my bike down the middle of the street or trail path!
  • Text or email while I drive!
  • Jump over that fence at the park, zoo, construction site, mountain-side wherever!
  • Go shooting a gun without taking a safety course!
  • Go to happy hour and drive myself home!
  • End my life when I’m sick of it all-who cares who it hurts!
When we participate in negligent activities, we automatically include someone else in our choice, the epitome of selfishness. The list of examples is as endless as the arguments are for our RIGHTS.  It’s become disgusting and gluttonous behavior. How about considering someone else?  It’s called empathy—here is the definition from Merriam-Webster if you’ve forgotten it or never been introduced to the word: Definition of EMPATHY: the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it   2 : the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for this   See, an innovative way of thinking does exist.  Maybe IT isn’t all about ME?  Concept!  VICARIOUSLY experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another, VICARIOUSLY—-that was worth repeating.  Not just trying to feebly understand, but, cramming ourselves into the shoes of humanity and stepping out of our own.  Our inalienable rights were not meant to extend to inflict grief upon someone else.  Mental, physical, or otherwise.  Seriously.  Who am I to put all this out there into scathing words?  I’m the person who needs to hear this on a daily, that’s who I AM.  I’m just as guilty and know this because a manager once told me “you lack compassion.” Bahahahaha, that was my first reaction.  For a short moment, I thought he was joking.  He was not.
Flash Fifty!

Never Assume Zealous Improvisation She knew him for twenty years.

She called him a Nazi within three.   It took her eighteen years to sleep with him.  Their intimate union only reinforced her callous opinion of him.  He is still a Nazi.  If only he had said “No”.  She now wears the boots and he is ground under her heel.

Flash One

Please Everyone Eliminate Various Errant Senselessness

Her shoes never leave the ground as healthy legs shuffle across the room.  He obscenely smacks the wad of gum protruding at times from his lips.  People commonly unnecessarily use the elevator to travel one flight. The epitome of laziness is the downfall of humanity.  It might be the catalyst to me purchasing a gun.  


It was a sunny day, with big downy clouds lazily drifting in the mid-morning sky.  The crisp mountain air filled her lungs with the freshness of a perfect atmosphere.  She had always loved the mountains, with the stunning views and craggy majesty of the massive rock and snow formations.  The scenery of the Rockies made everything else in life seem miniscule.  She felt invincible as she stood among the stately Aspen trees.  As she made her way up the rugged trail, her body adjusted to the high altitude hike and her pace quickened a bit with each yard traveled.  Although numerous adventurers before her had cleared the path, their footprints did little to damage the ecology of the area.  She believed those like her who also traversed these trails shared a mindset to preserve the gifts of nature.  It made her appreciate humankind just a little bit more when she felt connected to kindred souls as she did on the trail.  Her ears perked at the sound of crunching leaves and she was not sure if the cause of the noise was a fellow hiker or wildlife native to these wooded parts.  She stopped quietly in her tracks and visually scanned the perimeter around her.  Her eyes spied the reason for the noise in the form of an elk, idly grazing on the fresh green shoots of grass as her hooves crunched the dry leaves that had fallen to the ground.  The hiker breathed a contented sigh at the wonder of the elk’s magnificence. She continued on her way toward her destination of a small base camp cabin at the top of the trail.  She closed her eyes periodically and drank in the feeling of the warm sun upon her cool skin.  She did not want to think, she just wanted to allow her senses to lead her away from the unpleasant place her mind and body had been for the past several weeks.  It took little effort to forget reality as she breathed in the scent of evergreens and the rugged outdoors.  It took her about an hour to reach the cabin, and she arrived full of breath and excitement.  She imagined what was about to occur and she became impatient with anticipation.   In front of the cabin was a cable line system mounted high above the trees.  She had never experienced the exhilaration of a zip line and was ready to take her first ride. Her family was there and watching as she prepared herself into the harness and pulleys.  It did not occur to her how they were already there waiting and watching as she prepared herself to glide.  She could not stop smiling and her body was relaxed and tingling waiting for the moment she would release the cable.  As she stepped up to the platform, she took one last look at her family and smiled a huge smile.  All was quiet and peaceful as her husband came forward and kissed her upon her forehead.  Everyone else came forward at that point and stroked her arm in wishes of good luck and hope for her journey.  She turned and faced the forest, took one last look at the sky and unclipped the safety stop on the cable.  The wind was brisk and fresh upon her face and she was off on her new adventure.  She had never felt so free, calm, and safe. Her family listened to the whirr of the pulley as it faded into the distance and was replaced by the dull insensitive beep of a monitor.  The sound slowed to a flat line, and her family stood bewildered for a moment as they finally remembered where they were.  They were so engrossed with their journey into the mountains of her soul; they actually forgot they were standing in a cramped hospital room.  She was finally free and they were left behind in this sterile place—the smell of pine was replaced with antiseptic.  The sounds of the mountains were replaced with muffled sobs, as her family accepted she had finally gone somewhere they could not yet follow:  on a zip line headed for eternity.  She needs no cable to fly and the feeling could be no more magnificent.  All sorrow has been replaced with elation as she patiently waits for those she loves to join her.  She knows it all happens in a personal timeline, but the wait is more than worth it. The mountains are her Heaven now.  It’s time to soar!    


Her skirt was shorter than her mother would have allowed, so, she was lucky she made it out the front door undetected.  As she snuck her way down the quiet sidewalk, she found her feet could not keep up with the excitement brewing in her mind.  She could already imagine the music in the air, the handsome men in sharp suits, and her hopes of finding a dashing dancing partner.  She knew mother would forbid her to visit such a place of ill repute, but she could not keep herself from going back.  Some girls even wore long strands of beads, stockings with garters, and feathers in their carefully coiffed hair!  She did not own such fancy clothing yet, but knew it would not be long before she had a fringed dress of her own. She could already imagine the colors and the way she could spin and twirl to make the fringe skip.  She giggled aloud at her own imagination and she felt more butterflies in her stomach.  She did have a beaded headband she had gotten as a birthday gift when she turned 15, and she wore that in her hair for added sparkle—she thought of it as her princess crown.  Her Walter always called her his princess.  He would smile and tell her how proud he was of her and that she would always be his princess.  Her mood suddenly changed somber when she noticed darkness had begun to fall as she drew further away from home.  She hoped she was close to the speakeasy.   She did not know if the part of town she was in to be a bad neighborhood or not, because frankly, she did not care.   She forced her thoughts back to the music, the lights, and the happiness she would feel when she arrived at her destination. Her imagination kept her entertained as she continued along the sidewalk.  She began to wonder if her dapper black haired gentleman would already be there, waiting and she smiled at the prospect of sharing the dance floor with him.  She thought about her life lately at home and wondered why everything seemed so stifled and sad.  She needed this escape to bring a smile to her troubled heart.  She had difficulty remembering the last time she smiled. As she continued on her way, it was taking longer for her to reach her destination than usual.  She wondered if in her daydreaming she had taken a wrong turn at a crosswalk, yet only briefly thought of stopping.  She was sure she had to be going in the right direction!  Determined, she puffed out her chest and kept walking. As she continued, it became more difficult and she wondered if she would have the energy to dance the night away as she normally did.  She did not recall it being this far before, and her feet were becoming tired in her dancing shoes.   Unexpectedly, headlights shone upon her and she shielded her eyes from the glare.  The brightness hurt and she could not see as confusion took over.  She heard a man’s voice gently calling to her from behind the shining lights, “Ruby, is that you”?  She replied, “Yes, are you my Walter?  I’m lost and can’t find my way to the hall,” she answered feebly.  From behind the lights, a police officer stepped close to Ruby to offer some assistance.  Ruby was dressed in her nightgown and slippers, just as her granddaughter said she would be.  Ruby had slipped out into the late evening, away from the watching eyes of her family.  Her granddaughter explained to the police officer that her grandmother had been trying to sneak out of the house in the still of the evening.  This particular evening, her determination finally rewarded her with a moment to escape.  Ruby kept insisting to everyone that she needed to find her dancing partner.  Her family knew she was speaking of her late husband, Walter, the only man who had brought such an intimate smile to her face.  He was the love of her life and had passed away about a year prior.  Ruby was devastated. Ruby’s health had been failing and her mind had been reverting to an earlier time of joy and enchantment.  She had always loved to dance and that is how she had met her handsome, black haired soul-mate all those years ago.  As a young girl, she would sneak away at least once a month to enjoy the music and excitement of the local dance hall.  She began to imagine lately she was again a young girl stealing away to meet her prince of the dance hall.  She had seen her granddaughter wear a black beaded headband and her eyes lit up when her granddaughter said she could borrow it.  Ruby called it her crown and said she would always be Walter’s princess.  She wore it all the time.  It was one of her only reasons to smile these days.  “Let’s go Ruby; I need to get you home.  Your family is worried about you,” said the cop.  He gently took her hand and led her to his car.  Ruby smiled as her mind wandered to a happier time and for the moment, the warmth of her memories enveloped the cold emptiness that normally filled her chest.  She closed her eyes as the patrol car took her home.    Her mind would remain forever in the bliss of her life with Walter, no matter how her body failed. She hoped it would not be long before she was in his arms again.  This time, it would be forever.      

Friends Lost

We never know when the last day on earth will be.  So, take the time to hug and tell the ones you love how much you do.  This is so very important!